Step 5

October 6, 2017    

Triple God By this time, you should be a god at drifting, but somehow you meet a TRIPLE GOD in an online sesh, and you say to yourself, damn, that TRIPLE GOD is sooo fast and smooth everywhere. So you start thinking, what the actual fuck is going on, and you ask around, maybe it’s the car setup, and someone gives you an advice, usually a bad/wrong one. Then you ask the TRIPLE GOD and he finally gives…    read more 

Step 4

October 6, 2017    

Fuck Storage Now you should be ready to actually drift, you are the man, you are a beast, you are the one. ​You go HERE and download cool,exciting, good sounding (some of them) drift machines, made by awesome people, and install all of them, like a maniac that you are, and because fuck HDD space. Surprise motha’kisser, there are tracks in there also. How do you install mods you ask? Well, engineering is a breeze compared…    read more 

Step 3

October 6, 2017    

Go big or go to school Clearly as you see in the awesome graphic above (that i made), you have 2 options now. Both depending on your god like or noob drifting skill. Skip to B if you cannot drift for shit.     So you can drift and you (excuse my french) fucking love it to death cause it get’s your blood pumpin’ and all that adrenaline rushing trough your body while sitting in your…    read more 

Step 2

October 6, 2017    

Dork-Out With Settings At this point you might wanna dork-out and use numbers and sliders to setup your tools better, for the best awesome-sauce feeling and probably make the game actually good. We got some ideas about that, see below. But don’t take everything as is and that’s it. You know you wanna dork-out more and set stuff for your liking after the base settings. Wheel And FFB Settings From Other Players: Logitech…    read more 

Step 1

October 6, 2017    

Download and play stock content Surprise, surprise, you have to install Assetto Corsa…from HERE After installing the game, you can start drifting the kunos content offline or online. Click online>activate those 3 filters>type drift in the search box>select a server>select a car>click join. Pictures are just as an example, that is not kunos content. You will find different servers with stock content, but you do the same thing Play with that DLC filter,…    read more